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Baby pacifiers – Use it or not

Published January 25, 2013 by adoreachild

ImageFor parents all over the world, there is an age old debate that goes on till date. This debate is about the baby pacifiers that we use to soothe and calm the children. Pacifiers are one of the most controversial objects that we use in parenthood. Some are for it and some, against it. Though the American Academy of Pediatrics has given the green signal to use it, there are still many doubts lingering in the minds of most of the parents. This is why; many parents don’t feel it to be safe for use.

Giving it to your child is purely a matter of your choice and definitely subjective. If considered closely pacifiers can be very advantageous to parents in raising their children in a stress free way. By looking at the brighter side, countless parents have benefitted from the use of this. You may know that newborns have a strong sucking reflex from their birth time and it only grows to be more strong as the baby starts growing, reaching his/her teething stage. You will notice that most of the kids will start sucking their thumb finger to get comfort. Some even start doing it while still in the womb.

This may grow into a full grown habit which becomes a slightly difficult to leave. Many often complain of not being able to leave the habit of sucking finger for good even though they have grown up and reached the age not appropriate for this habit. This is where the pacifiers come in as a lifesaver. If the babies are acquainted with these from very early on then there is no need for them to suck their fingers. Sucking pacifiers as a habit can easily be broken. This is an added advantage for using it. For fussy children who have plenty of mood swings, pacifiers are the best and safest bet to keep them calm and comfortable far from being irritable and relentless.


This can also form a good means of distraction which especially comes to help when you take your infant for vaccination or other required tests. Sucking pacifiers gives a soothing effect, distracting the minds of the babies. They are also a great means of comfort while the baby teething stage. They also help the infants’ go to sleep naturally but too much dependant may also lead to the baby crying out in the wee hours of the morning because it fell of his/her mouth.

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